About us

CMBIES is a BSEL group from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, dedicated to innovation in the field of biomedical imaging. In our group, we bring together passionate minds and experts from diverse disciplines such as biomedical engineering, biotechnology, neuroscience, microbiology, physics,  electronics and AI. The primary goal is to drive advancements in the understanding and diagnosis of diseases through the application of cutting-edge medical imaging technologies and interdisciplinary approaches.

At the Collective for Multidisciplinary Biomedical Imaging, Engineering, and Sciences, we attempt to:

      • Promote collaboration: We believe in the power of multidisciplinary collaboration to address the most complex challenges in biomedical imaging.
      • Drive innovation: We are constantly seeking new ways to improve the quality, accuracy, and accessibility of imaging techniques.
      • Foster continuous learning: We value education and professional development, and we are committed to sharing knowledge and fostering growth in our community.

Research lines

Preclinical development based on models of anti TB drug combinations and the identification of image-based biomarkers

Open science for artificial intelligence applications in biomedicine

In vivo Preclinical Molecular Imaging

Technological solutions related to medical imaging and analysis.

Innovative multimodel instrumentation for biomedical imaging

Development of tools for image segmentation and quantification using AI techniques


Department of Bioengineering

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Juan Benet Building (7.3.H.13)

Avda. de la Universidad, 30.
28911, Leganés, Madrid (Spain)

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